Laravel IoC Container and Automatic Dependency Injection

Laravel IoC Container is a powerful component for inserting class dependencies at runtime. It is the core of the Laravel Framework. Understanding the IoC Container helps us write better application using the Framework and also to extend the Framework. Let’s explore how the Laravel IoC Container works.

Building a Slack Bot Clone using Firebase Realtime Database & Vue.js - Part 3

In this final part, we’ll cover the UI of the Slack Bot Clone application. We will be using Vue.js to build the UI and the data will be fetched from the firebase database.

Building a Slackbot Clone using Firebase Realtime Database & Vue.js - Part 2

In the previous part of this series, there was information about how we could use firebase as a data store and created a small utility that can be used to manage messages in our application. Continuing with the creation of the slack bot, in this part we’ll build the bot structure and it’s behaviour. It must be able to store the commands, parse the input and trigger the appropriate command and provide interfaces(like Browser Notification etc) useful for the commands to work.

Building a Slackbot Clone using Firebase Realtime Database & Vue.js - Part 1

Slack bot is really useful at getting things done easier for the user. This is a three part series of how to build a slack bot like feature using the Firebase Realtime Database and Vue.js. This is not a tutorial for building a bot inside of Slack, but a standalone one with an aim to teach you about the Firebase Realtime Database and Vue.js Reactivity and how to go about building such a feature.

Implementing Firebase Authentication using Vue.js - Login and Signup

Firebase Authentication can easily be integrated into web apps with just a few lines of code. In this tutorial we are going to implement the Firebase Authentication using Vue.js. Although Firebase supports authentication using service providers like Facebook, Twitter and more, here we’ll look at Signing Up a user in Firebase and Authenticating that user with Login page created with Vue.