Slack bot is really useful at getting things done easier for the user. This is a three part series of how to build a slack bot like feature using the Firebase Realtime Database and Vue.js. This is not a tutorial for building a bot inside of Slack, but a standalone one with an aim to teach you about the Firebase Realtime Database and Vue.js Reactivity and how to go about building such a feature.

Firebase Authentication can easily be integrated into web apps with just a few lines of code. In this tutorial we are going to implement the Firebase Authentication using Vue.js. Although Firebase supports authentication using service providers like Facebook, Twitter and more, here we’ll look at Signing Up a user in Firebase and Authenticating that user with Login page created with Vue.

Blogger Template Design is very easy to create with the right kind of Information, it is just like creating HTML pages, instead blogger offers Elements to create dynamic pages by parsing the template code written and inserting data in it. In previous parts Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of Blogger Template Design from Scratch provides some of the important blogger Design Elements and Information regarding how to use them to create Blogger Template. In this part, we will cover some of the things like Styling using CSS, Defining Variables, Page Layout and how to make it customisable using the Template Designer.

Vue.js is a framework for building reactive user interfaces, focusing only on the view layer. Like React, Vue uses Virtual DOM to compute differences between the DOM elements and applies the minimal amount of DOM updates required. The reactive behaviour of Vue always keeps the data and the DOM in sync.

Laravel Passport makes it really easy to setup a OAuth 2 server for a application. If you are using Vue.js, then it also ships with components that you can use it in your project right away, which you can drop into your project. Laravel Passport is built on top of the thephpleague OAuth 2 package. The League OAuth 2 package supports the standard Grant Types and defines Interface for repositories that let’s us decide how the data is stored. But if we were to use Laravel Passport, it implements the repository interfaces for us, and we don’t have to worry about implementing it.