Image upload is one of the most useful and required feature for almost any kind of website. From Profile picture upload to Gallery and Photos Albums and many others features of websites require the image upload mechanism. Node Express is one of the growing Web Framework that is used to build websites using JavaScript. We’ll see how we can implement the image upload feature using these technologies.

Webpack is an amazing tool used by lot of developers. After starting to use webpack, it felt like it was not the regual way scripts would be serverd or how fast the development process was with the various technologies(React, JSX, Coffee, Babel etc) that was being used and how webpack made it really easy to use all those technologies. This is just a simple introduction to the functionalities and features webpack has to offer.

I have already done a Facebook Style Relationship System in a previous post that covers the database design and PHP implementation of various friendship actions like Sending a friend request, Accepting Friend request, Blocking a user etc. This post covers another very usefull feature that was requested by users, Friends Suggestions for the currently logged in user.

Search is one of the interesting feature Facebook has invented. It is way to search the various connections inside of Facebook for a user. The style of how the Facebook search works was really good that i wanted to create a front-end system like that. Fortunately i found Twitter Typeahead, which is a suggestion system that is very likely to be the best candidate to implement this system.

Vagrant is an easy virtual environment setup tool built to use some of the best Virtual Machine technologies like Virtual Box, VMWare and others to manage and configure various virtual environments. Using Vagrant we can build environment which contains all the dependencies for a project and share it with others using just the single “Vagrantfile” containing all the provisions required for that project so that all others would have the same setup. You may be a Developer, OPS Engineer, Designer, all can share the same environment with just the “Vagrantfile” config file for Vagrant.