Among the many capabilities of the Facebook JavaScript SDK is user authentication. In other words, you can let users log in to your app or website using their existing Facebook accounts. In this short resource guide, you’ll find related resources that will help you to understand and — most importantly — to implement a secure and bug-free login system powered by Facebook.

1. Official Facebook JavaScript SDK Documentation

The main reason why this resource guide is so short is that Facebook has done a terrific job at documenting their JS SDK. The official docs contain explanations and code examples that you can easily customize for your own purpose. There’s even a Facebook login button generator for you to make use of.

  • Official Facebook JS SDK Documentation. See it here.
  • Now, for whatever reason, if you aren’t able to use their SDK, the folks at Facebook also created a guide on how to create a manual solution. See it here.

2. Video on Facebook Login SDK

Another excellent way to learn to implement Facebook login is through YouTube videos. This video in particular caught my attention. I think it’s a solid tutorial on building a login flow using Facebook SDK. It also covers preparation steps such as registering a as Facebook app and obtaining a token.

3. OAuth2 Overview

If you’re wondering how does Facebook login works, the answer is oAuth. At the moment of writing the standard is OAuth2, and here are some resources that will help you gain a deeper understanding of this authentication system.