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Introducing A place to find and share resources like Books, Tutorials, Courses and Web sites to learn a Tool or Concept.

People who search for resources:

We always try to learn new technologies and find yourself searching for the best resources to learn them. It may be a programming language or a software or a concept or a technology. Each of us prefers a different way to learn something useful. Some prefer Books, others Tutorials/Courses and some just want a solution to achieve something, which most websites or blog might offer.

Whichever way we find useful for us to learn, we try to find the best of them. You might find yourself doing the following,

  • best books to learn {something}
  • best video tutorials to learn {something}

The best might be something which others similar to us found useful.

The Providers:

Some people do search for the best resources to learn something and they want to share it with others. We may have seen various web pages/blogs like,

  • Websites featuring “Top 10 books to learn {something}”, “Must read to master {something}, etc.
  • GitHub repositories with links to resources for learning something.
  • Medium pages pointing to the best ways and resources to learn something. is a place for both of these things. People can find the best resource to learn something. It may be a Book, Tutorial, Course or a Web Site. They can have their own lists of resources to read/watch later, can favorite resources and more. You can search and find Tool or Concepts under various categories available or directly using the search.

For those who want to submit resources, you can submit the resource under a various list of category available. The number of resources you can add per day and various actions are limited by your reputation score.


LearnStack tries to limit the number of actions and permissions one gets to do on the site using reputations.

You gain reputations for each upvote you get on a resource that you submit. And you lose reputations when your resource is flagged a specific number of times or reported. This way, the community takes care of the resources being submitted and maintains community-driven resources to learn a Tool or Concept.

Currently, the site is under beta and I would love to have any kind of feedback. You can submit your feedback to – or use the contact page – or send mail to

The next step for the site is to redesign it using bootstrap version 4 and introduce some other useful features.

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