How to Convert a Powerpoint Presentation into a Video

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Microsoft PowerPoint does a good work in making presentations. But is it good enough for us to keep your presentations in its own native format. So here is a cool feature that would be very useful. We can covert the presentations that you have made into a Video format using PowerPoint itself.

Let’s see how to do it, Open any of your PowerPoint presentation using Ms PowerPoint. Here I have opened my Presentation on How PHP works?

Open the Presentation in MS Powerpoint to Convert to a Video

Open a Slide show in Microsoft PowerPoint

Once you have opened the presentation Click on the Slide Show menu option. Under the slide show menu you will see Rehearse Timings options under the Set up category of the slide show menu.

Slide Video Recording Time

Slide Time Recorder

Recording the slide Video Duration

Once you click on the Rehearse Timings option, you will be taken to the slide show mode of the presentation. You will also see a small bar to the top left corner of your screen which records the slide timings in seconds. Note that by default it starts recording the slide time automatically. As the timing keeps counting you can change the slides one by one and it keeps recording the time interval between each transition of slides or texts or any effects you have done. Once all the slide has been finished it will show the total recorded timings of the presentation. Click yes to save the recording timings.

Saving it as a Video File

After finishing the recording, it’s time to actually convert the recording into video. It’s really simple, just click save as and from the various formats of the PowerPoint presentation, select any of the following two video formats.

  • Windows Media Video
  • MPEG-4 Video

Click on save after selecting the Video format. It will take time to convert it to a Video depending on your systems speed. Here is a sample video that i have converted from a PowerPoint presentation into a video.

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