Best Useful and Poupular JavaScript Frameworks

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Here is the list of most Popular and Useful JavaScript Frameworks used by most of the popular websites out there. Make use of the following frameworks to build a faster, reliable and user friendly web applications. Increase your productivity by making use of the following frameworks.


Mootools is a compact, modular, object oriented JavaScript framework designed for efficiency. With it you can write cross browser and elegant code. It has a well documented API.

Mootools Website Mootools Demo


React is built and used at Facebook for the front end applications like notifications, messages etc. This JavaScript library makes front end HTML more easier to change and interact. This makes the UI more faster and responsive (responsive in-terms of UI, not CSS).



Underscore Js is a JavaScript Utility framework that aids in building web applications faster. It provides lots of useful functions for Collections, Arrays and Objects in JavaScript.



YUI (Yahoo User Interface) library is a popular, free and Open Source JavaScript and CSS library for building rich and interactive web applications. YUI has a light weight core, faster to use and has well documented API.

YUI Website


Dojo Toolkit is a Open Source JavaScript library built with a tons of features for building faster and better Web Applications. Its Modular design makes the process of building web application easier and easy to maintain, but the learning curve of dojo is steep. A huge library of widget is also available to use with Dojo.

Dojo Toolkit Demos


jQuery is a JavaScript library that is getting very popular these days. It is used by most of the huge companies like wordpress, Intel etc. It has lots of features like DOM traversal and manipulation, animation, event handling, Ajax operations and so on. jQuery is also popular because of the amount of functionality that can be got through its plug-ins. jQuery is very light weight and fast to use.

A companion of jQuery is the jQuery UI, which specializes in User Interface. It contains widgets and most common UI Components.


Node is a platform built on the Chrome’s JavaScript run-time. Unlike other JavaScript frameworks this is run on the server side for building scalable applications.

Node.js Website


Backbone is frameworks built with the MVC pattern (Mode-View-Collection). It provides structure to web applications. With Backbone js, building single page web application is faster than ever before.



Prototype is a JavaScript framework created as a part of the Ajax support for Ruby On Rails framework. Prototype provides many features along with library functions to support classes and class based objects.



AngularJs is a JavaScript library built at Google. Angular solves the main issue that other frameworks does not, that is it makes HTML dynamic. It helps us to create a dynamic front end and helps us to create a better and faster web applications.


Snap SVG

Snap SVG is a JavaScript library for creating SVG content in the web. It is built for the modern browsers and supports all the latest SVG features. You can use this to create SVG elements faster than before.

Snap SVG View Demos


Hogan Js is a JavaScript templating engine developed and used at Twitter. It makes your front end code more dynamic and faster.



Grunt is a JavaScript task runner which is used to automate repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, testing etc.

Grunt Js

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