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Rust is a programming language with high-performance, memory, and thread-safe with production supporting toolchains that help developers build efficient and reliable software. It has been voted the most loved programming language by programmers in StackOverflow developers survey.

Real-world Rust users

From small startup companies to big corporations use rust in production. Products and companies like Firefox, Dropbox, and Cloudflare use rust. View all rust users.

Rust Cargo

Cargo is rust’s all in one toolbox. It serves as,

  • Package Manager
  • Build tool (for both binaries and libraries)
  • Development tool for checking the code and running testing as well.

Getting Started

Books Beginner:

The Rust Programming Language

The best ways to learn rust is to first read the official “The Rust Programming Language” book.

A gentle introduction to rust

or, if you prefer a more subtle introduction to the language, read this text online “A gentle introduction to rust“.

Rust by examples

Rust by examples – If you learn faster by doing exercise of the language, then this is for you. This has a list of example rust exercises that you can work on and learn about it.

Programming Rust

Written by two experienced systems programmers, this book explains how Rust manages to bridge the gap between performance and safety, and how you can take advantage of it.

Why rust ?

While systems programming languages have greatly evolved since the introduction of C more than 40 years ago, our capacity for dumb mistakes with enormous consequences has remained unchanged, with vivid examples regularly in the news. This O’Reilly report examines Rust, a new systems programming language that combines safety and security with performance on a par with C and C++.

Books Advanced:

Mastering Rust

Discover the powerful, hidden features of Rust you need to build robust, concurrent, and fast applications.

The Rustonomicon

The Rustonomicon digs into all the awful details that you need to understand when writing Unsafe Rust programs. Once you get the grasp of rust, it is very useful to go through this book.


Pluralsight – Rust fundamentals

This course introduces Rust: a native code programming language with a focus on safety and correctness.

Other resources:

Learning rust –


Hope these resources are useful for getting started with rust. If you have any other useful resource or if you need to find more resources and tutorials, visit rust resources.

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