Best books to Learn JavaScript Beginners to Advanced

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JavaScript is a language of the web. The things that could be done with JavaScript is very vast. Learning JavaScript is a must for designing web applications. Listed here are some of the books that will help you understand and build applications in JavaScript.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

by Douglas Crockford

Written by Douglas Crockford know for the ongoing involvement in the development of JavaScript. This book explains the best parts of JavaScript and a great introduction text. Explaining the language itself and also specifying some bad things in JavaScript, this is a must read for JavaScript beginners.

You don’t know JS – Series

by Kyle Simpson

You don’t know JS is a 5 book series with each book specializing on various features and aspects of JavaScript. The five parts include,

These books explain in depth on each of the title topic mentioned. Understanding of things like Prototype, Scope, Closures and this is to core to learning JavaScript.

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

by Mark Myers

Consider this book as an practical cookbook for JavaScript which get’s you through all the things JavaScript can do.

JavaScript Patterns

by Stoyan Stefanov

This books explains in detail about the various Design Patterns that can implemented in JavaScript and also on the browser side. Implementing design patterns let’s you create maintainable and efficient code.

Secrets of JavaScript Ninja

by John Resig and Bear Bibeault

From the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library, this is one of the books that teach you various techniques for creating amazing web applications. Know the power of the JavaScript language in Web Development.

JavaScript Application Design – A Build First Approach

by Nicolas Bevacqua

Confused on how to build and maintain your application, then this book is for you.

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